martes, 22 de mayo de 2012

Estética de teleseries. Próxima actualización.

El cálculo de los ideales. Las huellas emocionales del pragmatismo.

Situacionismo a las finas hierbas.

Bajo el signo de De Chirico.

En la estela de Milton.

Yo es otra. El infierno de lo bello.

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  1. But while the internet has enveloped our lives in ways that are arguably even more profound than those imagined in 1995, it hasn't needed virtual reality to make it happen. Instead of tricking our senses into thinking that we exist in a virtual space, we've simply outsourced activities that our minds used to handle. Our consciousness and memory are moving into the ether, so the need for our senses is diminished. And the interface for this transformation turned out to be text.