miércoles, 4 de junio de 2014

Yang Fudong

“For my work for films4peace, I considered certain visual metaphors. Compared with the eternity of the universe, human life is short, very short. Our existence is like a grain of sand in a desert or a speck of stone on the rock that makes the world. Conflict and destruction seems absurd if you consider the insignificance of our time on earth.
Let us distance ourselves from oppression and slaughter. The creation of world peace is more important for all humankind.
In my film, huge boulders slowly rise up amidst a chaotic noise that drifts in and out.
Human life is not always beautiful, more often than not, we are simply trying to survive, allowing our lives to continue and nothing more.”

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  1. ¿Pero cuándo nos damos cuenta de esta gran verdad?...me temo que cuando ya es demasiado tarde. Excelente entrada.